The Best Extreme Camping Tents

Best Extreme Camping Tents
Best Extreme Camping Tents

If you are reading this article, then I am assuming that you are an experienced camper and you are looking for extreme wheater camping tents. Why we did this because these tents are for extreme wheaters such as snow, wind, freezing cold weather, and more. So you have to be ready for these weathers and you should expect what you didn’t expect. Because of that, you have to have the best tent for your camping.

When you want to buy an extreme camping tent, you should definitely consider some features such as sustainability, ventilation, insulation. Also, it is really important to choose the right tent because it is as important as your other gears such as shoes, or sleeping bag. So choosing right tent is not hard but you have to look at some features, and specifications for that tent. That tent should meet your expectations such as it should have wind resistance, water resistance, or lightweight.

How to Choose the Right Camping Tent For Your Camping?

As I mentioned that there are some important aspects you should consider such as sustainability, ventilation, insulation. There three factors are really important. Actually it is not really hard to choose this kind of tent but it may be really pricy then you should compare them. I think that choosing extreme camping tents is as hard as choosing a right sleeping bed because it is really important.

Tent’s Sustainability

If you are looking for sustainability for hard conditions then you should look for four season, or five season tent. These tents will sustain you at any hard conditions such as big wind, rain storms, or in a snow storm. If you are experienced but you are going to go camping in too hard conditions then four season tents will sustain you easly and comfortably.

Tent’s Ventilation

Maybe you are thinking that ventilation is not important but it is really important in extreme conditions. In freezing cold, you should eliminate condensation, otherwise, your tent’s inside probably will be too wet, and that will make your sleeping bag and other gears will be wet and in this kind of condition it will be very hard, or probably impossible to dry them. So if you will buy a tent with very bad ventilation, you can take yourself in danger.

Tent’s Insulation

The main purpose of tent is not to keep you warm. The main porpuse of these tent or any other tents are just to keep you safe from wind, snow, rain storm or any other kind of storms. When we look this in this aspect, you really shouldn’t look insulation to keep you warm.

There are two types of tent a single wall tent, or double wall tent. I do not recommend anyone who will go to camp in extreme weather. Double-wall tent will keep you away from rain, or any other hard conditions easily.

Right now, you probably ask that question, why tents will not keep me warm because tents will never keep you warm, sleeping bags will keep you warm in hard weather conditions so if you want to stay warm, and comfortable, then you should choose you a very good sleeping bag.

If you don’t know how to choose the right sleeping bag, then you can read our article about choosing the right sleeping bag.

Tent’s Size and Weight

Tents size is really impotant because you should carry them easly to basically everywhere. Also, it should be really light weight, otherwise you will consume so much energy to carry just a tent. You will have lots of gear to carry, so if you will decided to buy a tent then it should be light weight, and small as much as possible.

Tent’s Build Quality

Tent Quality is really important because it has some different areas which you should look for. if you want to buy a quality tent, you should conside Poles, Outer Shell, Inner Shell and Floor.


Poles are really important in this kind of situations. For example, if you will experience with high speed storm or wind like 100 km/h, then poles should be handle these condition. Otherwise, you won’t be happy at the end of the day.

There are four different type of poles such as Fiberglass – the lightest and most inexpensive, Aluminum – strong, heavy and flexible, Steel – the strongest and the heaviest, Composite – super flexible and quickly returns to its original shape, and this is designed and calculated by aerospace engineers.

I suggest that you should buy a tent with Aluminum, Steel or Composite poles. These poles will sustain you under any conditions. If the tent’s pole is Fiberglass, then you shouldn’t look at these tents because extreme condition tents will never have fiberglass poles.


Floor material is as important as tent’s material. Most of tent producer will produce their tents with high quality material, but there some important points you should look for.

If you are looking for an extreme condition tent, then your floor water resistance rating should be at least 5,000mm, otherwise it cannot keep you so long on a rainy day or snowy day. Most high-quality tents will have an average 7,000mm water resistance rating, and this probably will enough for you.

Outer and Inner Shell

Outer shell is the most important part of tents because it has water resistance, wind resistance and it connects with poles so it should be strong enough to keep you away from these kind of conditions. If you will buy an extreme weather tent, they have generally at least 7,000mm water resistance.

Inner shell generally doesn’t have this kind of features. It connects with outer sell and it creates a space to stay in it.


Price is an important point for camping tents. However, you should consider that Tent with a high price tag doesn’t reflect good quality. You shouldn’t look just for the price of a tent, you should look for its features.

What Kind Of Tent Should I Buy?

If you want to go camping or outdoor activity, then a special-purpose tent will be effective to keep you safe because its purpose to keep you safe in harsh conditions. There are so many extreme weather tent options to choose right now, so you have to choose a tent which has a great price tag, also it should provide you the best features for your expectations.

If you are ready, let’s look at our best extreme weather camping tents

1 – The North Face VE 25

If you are reading this, then you have should The North Face brand before. The North Face produces high-end quality products for extreme sport like tents, sleeping bags, shoes, and more.

As you expected that this tent is very quality product because it can keep you safe easily in very harsh weather condition. Also, there are lot of pocket inside, so you don’t have to worry about pockets to put your small gears like flashligh, ligher, etc.

As we mentioned that tent’s floor is really important so this tent has 10,000mm water resistance floor products. It can keep you away easily from getting wet. 10,000mm water resistance is a very impressive value for camping. Also, it is very durable so you won’t worry about floor leaks or tears.

This tent has DAC aluminum poles and stakes deliver a high strength-to-weight ratio so you don’t worry about high speed wind or snow storm when you are inside the tent.

Because of tent’s structure, it has high-low venting with multiple venting options. You will have plenty of ventilation option when you are inside the tent so you don’t have to worry about condensation. I think this will be the best choice for extreme camping tents

2 – Hilleberg – Keron 4 GT

Hilleberg is a Swedish tent-making company founded in 1973. This company has a lot of different types of tent choices and they all have very good quality tents. I must say that if you are going to buy a tent, you can buy Hilleberg tents without any doubts.

There are so many videos on Youtube, and tests are incrediably good. They can resist high speed wind like 120 km/h. Also, usability is very important and you can build this tent in a high speed wind or extreme situations very easily.

This tent has a double-wall structure but they connected inside of the tent. That means when you build this tent just outside, you build inside of the tent automatically. This will give you practicality.

It has 10mm Aluminum poles which means that you can camp anywhere or in an any weather condition. This tent will give you what you expected easily.

Keron and Keron GT models ongoing favorites of anyone wanting a tent that is exceptionally sturdy yet relatively light in weight, that will work for any situation, and that will handle many years of use. This includes both “professionals” – mountain guides, forest rangers, search and rescue teams, military special operations units, and the like – as well as families, hikers, and other “regular” users.

Both Keron and Keron GT models are admirable choices for any backcountry adventure, from demanding, extended winter expeditions, to long or short rambles in mountains and/or forests, to casual coastal jaunts, to relaxed overnight camping outings in your local recreation area.

3 – Black Diamond Eldorado

Black Diamond’s Eldorado tent model is another highly rated extreme weather tent. There are so many good reviews about this tent. Also, Black Diamond company produces high-quality tents and different kinds of outdoor products.

However, this model is only for two people but even in winter time you have to have so many items with you so it could be little bit hard when you need to stay two people with this model. This model’s dimension is 13 cm (5 in) longer and 8 cm (3 in) wider.  it would probably be a tight squeeze for two people but it creates a warm place for you.

This model has also aluminum poles for easy setup. Also, aluminum poles give you full confidence in the high-speed wind or different weather conditions. This tent has a single wall structure but they are produced by ToddTex single-wall fabric. ToddTex fabric is top quality fabric in the market right now so you don’t have to worry because it is not a double wall. This feature reduced tent’s weight so carry it around will be really easy.

4 – Marmot Unisex_Adult Thor 2P Tent, Blaze, Standard Size

I know its name is little bit different and long but it is what it is. With plenty of living space, bomber construction and two large anterools with minimal weight loss, the Thor 2P is a classic mountaineering tent. The revised and now even more stable and spacious construction of the Thor make the tent an indestructible retreat for long expeditions in the mountains.

Outer shell is made from 40D nylon ripstop fabric and floor material is made from 70D nylon with a 10,000mm waterproof rating. These ratings and materials are really high quality and it can save you at any weather.

Also, there are two storage space front and backside of tent. In winter, you can put your bags and shouse these places and it creates comfortable space for two people inside the tent.

5 – ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 2-Person Tent

13 ft² of vestibule area offer ample room to store your gear and keep must haves close. You will have plenty of areas and this is a very good choice for winter camping.

Outer shell is made from 75D Polyester fly ripstop fabric and floor material is made from 75D nylon with a 5000mm waterproof rating. These features will create the ultimate four season tent.

This will give you a very good camping experience. Also, high quality material will make your camping easy. It has aluminum poles and will keep you in extreme conditions. This model has two doors so people can enter and exit easily. Also, it will give you a lot of storage space. However, its ventilation is not so good so it will create condensation inside the tent. But that is an acceptable thing for this level tent with in this price range.


If you will go to camping in a bad weather like high speed wind or snow storm then you have to be really careful about choosing a right extreme camping tents for these conditions.

Of course your budget is as important as tent’s feature but if you will go to camping in a harsh conditions, then you have to pay double or triple money for extreme camping tents. Depends on your budget and wants, you can choose the best one for you. However, even if you will choose the cheapest option in this list, it can be enough for you if you will not go camping in -30 Celsius weather, and 100 km/h wind.

I tried to give you general information and tent options. You can read all information about the best extreme camping tents in this article.

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