The Best Saws You Can Buy For Camping

The Best Saws You Can Buy For Camping
The Best Saws You Can Buy For Camping

If you are planning a new camping activity, you will need fire. This means you have to cut down dry woods from forest, so you have to have a battery powered chainsaw, or a saw. A lot of people choose saw because of its size, weight, and easy to carry reasons. In this article, we will look into the different brand, and type saws. At the end, we can choose the best saws you can buy for camping or gardening.

There are a lot of different types of saw. As you know that even you can go to the local stores, and can buy the saw. However, like every type of products, you should need to buy specific ones if you want good quality, blade sharpness, and quality blades.

There are a few company that we will show their products, and review them. Because these companies produce so good quality saw, axes and different products. Also, they provide very good support for your product if you are not satisfy. These brands have very wide range community and users around the world so you can definetly find products review on specific products.

When it comes to cutting a tree or chopping it, you need to have a good quality saw, if you don’t have one like these brands, then you probably spend much more energy on cutting small pieces. I assume that you don’t want something like this. So if you are ready, we can start to list “the best saws you can” article.

1 – Fiskars

Fiskars is a Finnish company, that has a very wide range of product categories. must say that Fiskars is one of the best brands in this category. They have so quality axes, mauls, machetes, as well as gardening tools such as Cultivating tools. You can definitely find the products that you are looking for. Also, this company has kitchen products like knives.

I must say that this brand is so popular around the world. Even if you worked on gardening before, I am sure that you definitely heard of this company. However, Right now, we will focus on just Fiskars saws.

When it comes to a specific category, this brand has a folding saw, D-handle saw, extendable pruning saw, and a sliding carabiner saw. As you expected that you should choose one of them. Also, some of these products are specifically used in gardening, so you shouldn’t buy them for camping. If you are going to carry the saw, then you can go big saws with D-handle, but if you are going camping with just your backpack, then you should buy a folding one or sliding carabiner one.

If you want to buy Fiskars products, you should visit their official website. I highly suggest this brand if you are planning to buy a saw.

2 – Silky

Silky is as popular as Fiskars, so both brands is doing good job. I haven’t used Silky model, but based on search I must say that this brand has so much quality quality products. Also, this company has a long history, and experience on different gardening tools.

Silky brand doesn’t have products on kitchen category as Fiskars. This brand has saws, axes, some gardening tools, and accessories for these products. I have did my study about this brand, and this is as good as Fiskars. Silky’s saws are very good quality products, and it can do job done easily.

Silky has also different saw models like folding ones or fixed ones. As we mentioned that this is totally up to you choosing which kind of saw you will buy. If you compare this brand with Fiskars, then you will get almost same result because they are cutting trees head to head.

You can buy Silky saws from their office website.

3 – Felco

Felco is a Swiss brand, and they have been producing gardening tools for 75 years now. They are also very experienced, and well know brand in this category. Maybe this brand is not popular as Fiskars, and Silky, but when we look their products’ quality, we can say it is worth to buy one easily because this brand’s products quality is very high.

As we know that Switzerland is a very popular country, not only because of its nature, because of its knife quality, and gardening tools like Victorinox. Because of that we should definitely add this brand to the list.

Felco has also saw, and they have two different models which are folding ones, and fixed ones. However, in this category they have only 5 different models so your option is not so wide. But these models can really do what you want to do because this kind of quality saws can make the job done.

You can buy Felco saws from their office website.

4 – Bahco

Bahco is an international brand within the hand tool industry, with its products designed and manufactured by SNA Europe. They have a very wide range of product lists from power tools to screwdrivers.

This brand is not just focusing on gardening tools, or saws so they have so many different products from different categories. Their products may be quality, but they may not be expertise in gardening and the saw industry. If you are going to buy a handsaw, then I suggest you look first three brands because they are totally, and mainly focused on this area. However, this doesn’t mean this brand bad, and they have very quality products as well as Fiskars, or Silky.

When we look for comparing videos on Youtube, Bacho gives us almost the same result for cutting speed and blade quality. So you can definitely buy Bahco’s saw for camping or gardening activities if you don’t want to buy Fiskars or Silky.

You can buy Bacho saws from their office website.

5 – Husqvarna 

Husqvarna brand is a very well know brand, and they have various type of products. They are producing gardening products, chainsaws, axes, and more. I must say that their products are high quality and they can be used long term for industrial area, or just gardening products.

However, we are just focusing just their hand saws. Their saw products show us very good performance compare to Fiskars and Felco. I have to say that this could be your choice for your camping activities or gardening jobs because they have quality blades and you can use it long term. Its price is lower than Fiskars but expensive than Felco.

In this situation, you have to consider a couple of parameters. For example, quality, price, long term usage, support, etc. However, I highly suggest this brand if you want to buy a saw.


I wrote and reviewed all the best saw brands you can buy right now. These brands are top-level high-quality products and all these brands’ saw will satisfy you easily. I mentioned that there are two different types of saws which are folding one and fixed one. Depends on what kind of camping activity you are going to do, you have to buy one of them. For example, if you will go to camping by car, then you should buy fixed ones because they can give you better results. You are going to do camp with just your backpack then you should buy a folding one because you need to reduce the weight. Other than that, all these brands’ saws have almost the same price point overall. You can choose which one will be suitable for you.

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