What Are The Best Sleeping Bags You Can Buy?

What Is The Best Sleeping Bags You Can Buy?
What Is The Best Sleeping Bags You Can Buy?

Let’s begin with the most important product for winter camping which is a sleeping bag.

When it comes to winter camping, the most important thing that will keep you warm is a sleeping bag. So you have to be very careful which model you will choose, and when you will use it. Otherwise, it could end up with a bad result for you, and it can put you in a situation that you cannot turn back. Basically, when you will go to winter camping, you need to be ready for it because winter camping is really different than camping that did in different seasons. So if you are ready, let’s begin with the best sleeping bags you can buy article.

What is A Sleeping Bag?

Sleeping bag is basically a different form of your bags, but its design and materials are really different. Its design will keep your body temperature stable when you sleep when it is freezing cold. There are different shapes of sleeping bags, but if you will buy one first you need to decide what temperature you will do your camping because it is really important for choosing a sleeping bag product.

Also, if you will go to camping, you can choose the products that can merge with each other and two people can sleep together in them. Also, the most important one is sleeping bags temperatures that you can sleep comfortably. That means that choosing a sleeping bag is a really important issue for winter camping, and I can even say that it is the only thing that can keep warm from the cold. I will give the answers that you are looking for by one below.

Which Temperature Sleeping Bag should I choose?

Probably, you are asking this question by yourself, but don’t worry I will give you a detailed explanation about this topic. Sleeping bag temperature is the first thing you need to look at before buying one because if you won’t use it given temperatures, you probably won’t sleep at night, the even worse thing is that your health will be in danger because of hypothermia. Let’s begin with what is the sleeping bag’s temperature. There are three different factors here. Extreme, Limit, Comfort temperatures. If you are going to buy a sleeping bag, you need to consider these expressions.

Extreme: This expression will tell you that this is my extreme temperature, you cannot sleep comfortable, but you won’t die. I can keep you alive until morning so I don’t advise you that you shouldn’t go to the camping if weather’s temperature is close to your sleeping bag’s extreme temperature.

Limit: Limit temperature can keep your body temperature stable, and you can sleep in this range.

Comfort: Comfort temperature means that you can sleep comfortably in your sleeping bag, and there is no way you will get cold at night.

However, these values can be change for person to person. For example, womens should consider that these values little bit lower. Also, you can find this detail in the sleeping bag’s card.

Goose Down and Synthetic Sleeping Bag? Which One Is The Best?

There are two types of sleeping bags. First one is Goose down, second one is synthetic. Both have cons, and pros. However, if you are looking for a sleeping bag that you will use for long time, then you need to choose synthetic sleeping bag. I must say that goose down models have more cons than synthetic ones. First con of goose down models is price. Goose down model will be three or four times expensive than synthetic sleeping bags.

I think that that is the most important factor for sleeping bag because it should be suitable for your wallet. Also, the usability of synthetic sleeping bags are so many. If you will buy Goose down model sleeping bag, and it will get wet at camping accidentally, then you cannot dry it at camping. Even at home, it will take so much time to get dry, but synthetic sleeping bags can dry so fast. You can wash your synthetic sleeping bags at home with your washing machine so it is easy to clean. The only cons of synthetic sleeping bags rather than Goose down sleeping bags is weight. Synthetic sleeping bags are two times heavier than Goose down. In conclusion, for these two, I advise you to buy Synthetic Sleeping Bag

Which Type Of Sleeping Bag Should I Buy? Merged ones or One person model?

I must start with merged one sleeping bags. If you don’t know what it is, it looks like a normal sleeping bags, and you can use it as normal with just one person. However, you want to sleep two people inside the sleeping bag, you can connect them with their zipper. But it should support this feature, that means that if you will buy a model without knowing supporting this feature, it will not connect so you cannot use like this. However, when I look all models, I cannot see the sleeping bags which support so extreme levels. Probably, these model’s extreme, limit, comfort temperatures will be lower than other models. If you are looking a sleeping bag that can keep you warm at winter in the tough condition, then you should choose one person models.

What Is The Best Sleeping Bags You Can Buy?

1 – Marmot Never Summer -39°C

Marmot Never Summer -39°C

This model is certified 650 Fill Power Down with Down Defender to Improve Water-Resistance in Wet Conditions. That means that it doesn’t get wet so fast if you put it in a wet place. It is really good because Goose Down models are really bad when it comes to drying so it is important to be waterproof. I think if you will choose this model, you will be happy with its weight because it is very lightweight because of the inner material. However, as I mentioned that its price is very high compare to synthetic sleeping bags so you have to pay more.

  • Comfort : -6 °C 
  • Lower limit : -13 °C 
  • Extreme : -33 °C

2 – Carinthia Survival Down 1000

Carinthia Survival Down 1000

This is the another model that is for extreme conditions. This model is a little bit different because of its design because it has exstra arm places that you can put your arm when you are inside the sleeping bag. It is unusal design compare to other sleeping bags’ model but it is worth to look if you are looking for a sleeping bag. This model is also goose down, it can keep you very warm, and you can have good sleeping night in this sleeping bag. However, if we look its price, maybe you stop thinking because this is one of the expensive one inside sleeping bags.

Comfort Limit: – 20°C
Extreme: – 40°C

3 – Husky Anapurna -28°C

Husky Anapurna -28°C

I personally use this model, and I even can’t tell you how much I am satisfied with the quality. I really suggest this model for winter camping. This model has so many features, and you can really sleep at night comfortably in winter.

This model has a rip-stop feature so it can’t rip off so easily. Husky Anapurna -28°C has couple anti-slip straps on the back, which means that you can’t slip of from a sleeping mat. But the best feature of this model is the footbag. It has a footbag, so your foot will not be cold, it is a very thick material. However, this model is just for extreme conditions, so you can’t use this model higher than -3, -2 Celsius.

  • Extreme: -28°C 
  • Limit: -10°C 
  • Comfort: -4°C

Link : Husky Anapurna -28°C

4 – Husky Proud -29°C

Husky Proud -29°C

This model is a little bit premium, so it looks so good but it is a sleeping bag. The difference from the first one is temperature values and its price. This model doesn’t have a footbag, and rip-stop features so that is the downside of this model. However, if you want to go camping with your wife, or girlfriend, then you can connect them each other so you can sleep two people in this model with this method. In the description, they mentioned this feature so it supports left/right zippers. But before buying, I suggest you to contact them because you must buy a left, and right zipper model that allows you connection.

  • Extreme: -29°C 
  • Limit: -11°C 
  • Comfort: -3°C

Link : Husky Proud -29°C

5 – The North Face Inerno -40 C

The North Face Inerno -40 C

This is also a very expensive sleeping bag which you can buy for winter campings. However, if you will buy this model, you already experienced those conditions before because this model will keep you warm in any winter condition. It is also goose-down sleeping bag. This sleeping bag has NeoVent Air technology with ripoff fabric. This model is a little bit heavier than other models even it is goose-down model, but it is definitely worth it because its temperature ratings are one of the best in this category.

  • Comfort: -40°C

In conclusion, there are couple of models for winter camping. You have to decide between these models. However, if you are looking for simple, good quality, and cheap sleeping bag for extreme winter conditions then I highly suggest you to buy Husky models. Husky brand has a lot of sleeping bag models. If you want to buy little bit lower ones, then you can look from their website. These models are the best ones you can buy.

I must say that winter camping is not a joke, and you have to be careful, and before going any camp activity, you should tell your relatives, or close friends where you will go.

If you are interested in with summer camping, then you must check The Best Summer Camping Tents You Can Buy article right now.

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